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Behind The Lens

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Mitch Graffy

My goal is to make every customer feel special.  Whatever the occasion is, I want to create something that my clients  will be proud to show off.  Whether you're meeting me for a photoshoot, need cards designed, or want a canvas printed, I guarantee that you'll be happy with the result.

A little bit about myself.  I grew up in the Tampa area in a town called Safety Harbor.  I have since moved to Orlando to pursue a higher education at UCF.  During my time at the university, I have found a passion for photography.  It started with nature photography, but my passion has now shifted towards all sorts of different genres, including family, wedding, graduation, and event photography as well as digital design.  I've come to enjoy photography because I like to find new perspectives to view things from, and often times that different perspective is what makes my photography unique.

As a photographer in Oviedo, I want to serve my community by providing photography services that won't cost you a fortune.  

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