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Graduation Photography

After 4(ish) long years of pulling all-nighters, stressing over finals, and fighting each other over rubber ducks, the end is finally here!  I want to congratulate you on all you hard work to reach this final step in your college career, graduation!  Graduating college is a very special achievement,  and professional graduation photos are the best way to show off your achievement to your family and friends.  Book us now to receive awesome graduation photos like the ones on this page!

Some of the Best Grad Photo Spots on Campus!

  • Addition Arena

  • UCF Seal (S.U.)

  • Bridges Behind S.U.

  • Reflection Pond

  • Spectrum Stadium

  • Knights Statues


What to Expect From Your Photographer

You and your photographer will meet at a predetermined destination on campus.  With the typical grad package lasting only 1 hour, having a plan will be critical.  If you have a list of places you want to take pictures on campus, let your photographer know so they can plan the most efficient route around campus.  Your photographer will guide you on where to stand and how to pose.  After your shoot, you can exect your photos back within 2 or 3 days and sometimes sooner!

Mark UCF Gif.gif
  1. You and your photographer meet on campus

  2. Pictures are taken at each location, walking from location to location

  3. At the conclusion of your shoot, your photographer will let you know how long the editing process should take

  4. Your photographer will send you an invoice for payment for the shoot and photos

  5. Your photos will be sent to you!

This service is for students graduating high school and college. You deserve a photographer who will make you look even better than your GPA. Props like chalkboards, gl...
Graduation Photos
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Price is based on $50/hour rate.  Different ranges of time can be booked for this same rate.  Use the contact button below to inquire about this!

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